Zepp-LaRouche on Victory Over Fascism: “Let Us Celebrate The Future Spirit of Humanity”

On the occasion of the commemorations of the end of the Second World War, celebrated on May 8 and 9, Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche wrote a short statement for the occasion. It was also distributed at Immortal Regiment commemorations in the United States in Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco and other cities.

“Only 73 years after the Second World War,” the statement begins, “when people responded to that horrible catastrophe with the solemn commitment ‘Never Again,’ we find ourselves again on the verge of a possible hot war. With one provocation after another, each more transparently false than the previous one, the war faction of the City of London imperial oligarchs and their Wall Street neo-con/neo-lib partners continue their efforts to sabotage the potential of the New Paradigm, which is emerging in Eurasia to become a worldwide movement with breathtaking speed.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche goes on to denounce those in government in the West who “have stepped on that slippery slope again, which was warned about in the Nuremburg Tribunal, by violating international law and the principles laid down in the United Nations Charter.” Nonetheless, they are on the losing end, as the New Paradigm offers hope especially for developing countries, that “see the chance to overcome poverty and underdevelopment for the first time.”

She concludes: “The best way to commemorate the losses, the suffering, and the heroism of the individuals who lost their lives in the Great Patriotic War is by creating a new era of mankind, which puts the concept of the one humanity first, in that way creating a new international order, which overcomes geopolitics forever. Imperialism must be defeated as a relic of a bestial image of man, and be replaced with the noble image of man as the only creative species known in the universe so far.”

Zepp-LaRouche proposes to “celebrate the future spirit of humanity”, as it is so “beautifully expressed in the Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller, and the Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven.”

The full text can be read here.

A German translation of Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche’s statement can be read here.