Zepp-LaRouche: “Einstein was right, only a fool constantly repeats his mistakes”

Just under one week after the legislative elections in Germany, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo), took a hard look at the results and the perspectives for the future, in an article written Sept. 30 under the above title.

The fact that, in spite of the crushing losses for her CDU-CSU party, Chancellor Merkel said, “I don’t see what else we should do”, points to a very common problem among the trans-Atlantic neo-liberal Establishment, including Hillary Clinton, Zepp-LaRouche wrote.

“And maybe she even believes it: when someone is so totally convinced of the legitimacy of his/her remaining in power as an end in itself, it never occurs to him/her that there is a deeper lawfulness which, when violated, takes revenge, and that there are completely other options as to how history could develop.”

But this Establishment operates on the principle of “more of the same” (an approach that Einstein aptly dismissed). Given “the acute danger of a new financial crisis much worse that that of 2007-2008 that is extremely worrying”, Zepp-LaRouche warned.

Political infighting in the CDU and CSU is now in full swing. And as to whether the SPD is willing to reflect on why the party was given its worse results since the Bismarck era, while Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party had the largest increase in votes since 1945, the BüSo chairwoman’s answer is: “obviously not, if the SPD describes Andrea Nahles, who toughened the Hartz4 labour reform when she was Labor Minister, as the ‘left-wing of the party’, and plans to appoint her head of the parliamentary group.”

Those who present themselves as the “saviors of the EU” are just as detached from reality, in Zepp-LaRouche’s view, be it EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker, EU Council president Donald Tusk or French President Emmanuel Macron, “whose timing for his speech on the future of the EU [Sept. 26] proved to be more than unfortunate, in light of the election results in Germany.” Among the measures proposed are an EU Finance Minister and an EU budget.

But, “given the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) election results, it can hardly be expected that the conservative wings of the CDU/CSU or the FDP will be persuaded to accept such new EU designs, that give the AfD more momentum and threaten to cost more for German taxpayers.” Indeed, the AfD is reaping the fruits of the population’s discontent with the whole monetarist policy of Brussels and Berlin, which has devasted the Eastern states of Germany in particular.

Now, the attempt is now being made to form a “Jamaica coalition” with the CDU/CSU, FDP and Greens, whose party colors (black, yellow, green) correspond to those of the Jamaican flag. But given the fundamental political differences between the three parties, concerning a cap on refugees, financial policy, relations with Russia, etc., “it could take months before such a coalition could be formed, or a new Grand Coalition, perhaps without Angela Merkel this time.”

But long before that happens, warns Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a new financial crisis could break out, which would suddenly put a “state of emergency” on the agenda. She goes on to reference the various warnings among banking circles themselves, who are preparing new schemes to bail out the banks, and bail in the bank customers, and then lays out how Germany and other European countries can be brought into the new paradigm of economic development and “win win” cooperation.

Einstein was right, she concludes, “problems cannot be solved with the same way of thinking that created them!”

The article by Helga  Zapp-LaRouche can be read in full, in German, here.