Yemeni Foreign Minister Receives LaRouche Movement Statement on Stopping the War and Genocide

On Sept. 13, Engineer Hisam Sharaf, the Foreign Minister of Yemen, received in his office in Sana’a a copy of the statement of the LaRouche Movement calling for an international investigation of the Saudi-led genocide in Yemen, and other emergency measures. The statement was hand-delivered by Schiller Institute friend Fouad Al-Ghaffari, Chairman of the Yemeni Advisory Office for Coordination with the BRICS, and President of the Yemeni Youth Cabinet.

The Yemeni daily Sanaa News covered the meeting, reporting that Al-Ghaffari spoke with the foreign minister on the latest international developments concerning Yemen, especially since the Xiamen BRICS Summit, which referenced the situation in Yemen for the first time in its final declaration.

According to the daily, Al-Ghaffari “briefed the Foreign Minister on the vision adopted by Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is also known as the New Silk Road Lady, calling for an immediate end to the Saudi aggression against Yemen, and who calls for including Yemen in the New Silk Road initiative.”

Al-Ghaffari also spoke with Eng. Sharaf of the moves in the U.S. Congress to stop the sales of arms and ammunition to Saudi Arabia, and the campaign by activists in Washington to push Congress to end support for the war. (Indeed, amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act aimed at stopping U.S. weapons deliveries to Riyad have been added in both the House and Senate.)

Sanaa News also reported that the members of the LaRouche Movement are planning to distribute their statement at the UN General Assembly building in New York, and adds that the statement stresses that the aggression against Yemen is part of the regime-change policies pursued by the U.S. and Britain for decades, and that this barbarism can only be outflanked by the rallying around the New Silk Road paradigm.

The article concludes with the following information:

“It is noteworthy that His Excellency Eng. Hisham Sharaf had expressed in a letter to his Chinese counterpart in April, the desire for Yemen to join the New Silk Road. The Xiamen Declaration of the BRICS nations has now opened a very important window for Yemen that can be utilized to send a message to the Foreign Ministers of the BRICS, who are intending to meet on the sidelines of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly, and to bring the situation in Yemen to the UN Security Council.”

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