United States: “Russiagate” Is Rapidly Becoming “Muellergate”

Dec. 11, 2017 – While the anti-Trump media was cheering the guilty plea of former National Security adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn, hailing this as a step closer to removing President Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller and his team were hit with revelations which have severely damaged their credibility. At the center of these revelations is the role of top FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was removed from Mueller’s team when it was revealed that he and his mistress were exchanging anti-Trump SMS messages, and that Strzok and the FBI were using the discredited “dodgy dossier”, produced by “ex”-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, to create “Russiagate” in the first place.

By the end of the week, there was talk in Washington that the web of corruption around the anti-Trump witch hunt may turn “Russiagate” into “Muellergate.”

From the beginning of the anti-Russia hysteria that was fanned to explain the failure of the Clinton presidential campaign — i.e., that she lost due to Russian meddling and Trump’s collusion with Putin — LaRouchePAC has reported that the attacks on Trump were due not to anything the Russians did, but to the threat a Trump presidency posed to the neo-con/neo-liberal imperial agenda, in particular his intention to collaborate with Russia and China. In a dossier entitled “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin,” which has been circulated widely, LaRouchePAC documents Mueller’s career, including as former FBI Director, as a thug acting on behalf of British interests.

The role of Strzok demonstrates precisely this point. He has been involved in every aspect of the anti-Trump operations, beginning with his role as a point person in opening the investigation against Russia. He was the number two man in the FBI Counterintelligence Division, a reputed Russia expert. Brought into Mueller’s task force in mid-2017, he was removed within two months, with no explanation offered, until Senate and House Committees opened inquiries into his activities.

In the last week, as a result of these Congressional investigations, it has been revealed that, first, Strzok played a major role in the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, having participated in the FBI interview of Clinton on July 2, 2016, after which FBI Director James Comey said she would not be prosecuted. Strzok personally changed the language Comey used to describe Clinton’s actions from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”, the latter implying no legal violation.

Second, Strzok was among the first group of FBI agents to review the Steele dossier, which was produced to smear then-candidate Trump and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign apparatus. Investigators believe Strzok used the Steele dossier to prepare the FBI request to the FISA Court to engage in surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Third, Strzok was involved in the January 24, 2017 FBI interrogation of General Michael Flynn, which included questions about his discussions with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. There was no reason to conduct this interview since the FBI already had the transcripts of the discussions, except to entrap Flynn, by inducing him to say something which contradicted the transcript. This interview is the basis of Flynn’s guilty plea of “lying to the FBI.” Mueller hopes that he may now induce the former advisor to lie about either the Trump campaign’s “collusion” with Putin, or Trump’s “obstruction of justice” in firing Comey. Note that nothing Flynn did in speaking to the Russian ambassador was illegal.

Still more is coming out. As Russiagate was being pushed during the campaign, Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr met with Glenn Simpson, of Fusion GPS, the firm which had hired Steele, and with Steele himself. Thus, the FBI and the Department of Justice were involved in shaping the narrative of Russian meddling/Trump collusion from the outset, in conjunction with the highest levels of British intelligence, the GCHQ. To this day, not a single piece of solid evidence has ever been presented to back up their allegations.

In addition, it was reported in the Wall Street Journal of Dec. 8, that yet another member of Mueller’s investigative team, Andrew Weissmann, was overtly linked to Hillary Clinton, so much so that he attended her election party in New York City on Nov. 8, 2016, at which her defeat was (unexpectedly) announced. In Jan. 2017, Weissmann emailed praise to then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, for refusing to obey President Trump’s travel ban order.

Further weakening the “deep state’s” case against Trump is the fact that two major media have had to admit to publishing blatantly false information on the President’s team over the past week, both CNN and ABC News. The latter article was written by one Brian Ross, who has a long history of fabrications on behalf of the intelligence community, and helped to frame up Lyndon LaRouche in the 1980s.

In the midst of these exposes, the Wall Street Journal stated in a Dec. 5 editorial, “The public has a right to know whether the Steele dossier inspired the Comey probe, and whether it led to intrusive eavesdropping.” It expressed doubt that Mueller can “conduct a fair and credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump drama.” A number of other, less well known, media have also exposed Mueller’s lack of objectivity and political agenda.

Far from Washington’s political establishment and mainstream media, many Americans are convinced that the whole Russiagate is “politically motivated.” Hopefully, this will lead to a rapid end to the show, to focus attention on crucial strategic and economic problems.