To Stop the War Danger, Expose the British Connection

The majority of the world’s nations and peoples are in a state of shock, and fear, that the recent 180-degree turn by President Donald Trump — from his rejection of regime change and a commitment to work with Russia and China for peace and development, to a criminal and unwarranted military attack on Syria and a threat to preemptively attack North Korea — could provoke a global nuclear war at virtually any moment.

This fear is fully justified, but to prevent such an existential disaster, they must finally come to terms with the fact, long identified by Lyndon LaRouche, that the source of this crisis is the current form of the “British Empire” and its attendant “British system”. The LaRouche Political Action Committee in the United States has launched a full mobilization to expose the scheme.

Consider the following: The Guardian bragged on April 13 that Britain’s GCHQ (roughly the equivalent of the NSA) was the first to notify the U.S. intelligence services of so-called suspicious contacts between Trump campaign personnel and Russians deemed to be “suspected intelligence agents” (as if contact with Russians were a bad thing). It was also British outlets that used a totally fake dossier fabricated by “former” MI6 agent Christopher Steele to try and create a color revolution movement against the Trump presidency over supposed ties to the Russians.

Then, using unreliable intelligence reports from the terrorist-connected White Helmets assets in Syria, which are financed by the British Defence Ministry, Trump was fed the lie that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own population on April 4 in Khan Sheikhun. That in itself is an absurdity, since it would have served no military purpose, and the Syrian government was already clearly winning the war against ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists with Russian help. (Recall that it was then PM Tony Blair who provided the fake intelligence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, drawing US President G.W. Bush into the war on Iraq, the war that launched the current Hell of terror and mass refugees across the Middle East.)

Moreover, the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM), set up by the UN and the Organization for the Prevention of the Use of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in 2015, is headed by two British nationals, rather than an international committee of independent experts, as first envisaged. The UK ambassador to the OPCW, Sir Geoffrey Adams, announced on April 13 that British scientists have analyzed samples from Khan Shaykhun where the chemical attack purportedly occurred, and they “tested positive for the nerve agent sarin, or a sarin-like substance”, but no details or proof were provided. The question is, how did they get those samples and who sent them or tampered with them? The West has no reporters or direct representatives on the ground in Syria.

The British complicity was made public on April 12th in the UN Security Council, when Russian Deputy Envoy to the Security Council Vladimir Safronkov, turned directly to the British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft and charged his government with attempting to prevent Russia and the United States from working together.

Safronkov was right. The British elite, together with their American allies, have long used the United States as their dumb giant to fight colonial wars ever since the assassination of John F. Kennedy — from Vietnam to Iraq to Libya and Syria, and now perhaps North Korea. These factions are willing to risk global nuclear war in order to prevent the United States from breaking the imperial division of the world into conflicting East and West, from uniting the entire world behind mutual peace and development, and ending Empire once and for all.

LaRouche has called on President Trump to find out who fed him the fake intelligence and fire them.

Read the full LaRouche PAC statement on the subject here.