The “Deep State” Escalates War against the Trump Administration

The March 31 issue of the EIR weekly magazine provides an exhaustive historical, political and economic investigation of the “Deep State” which is currently deployed to sabotage the potential of the Trump Administration. The “Deep State”, as defined by the writers who actually coined the term, is the post-World War II entity consisting of Wall Street and London’s banks and law firms, the state intelligence agencies they created and staffed, controlled corporate media, foundations, and think-tanks — a structure which intersects organized crime and certain sponsored politicians.

The article in EIR refers to it by a different term: “Blimps”, i.e. British Liberal Imperialists. The distressing show performed by some members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee last week, who know that the FBI has dossiers on their private transgressions, reflects the state of terror imposed on most US elected officials by the Blimps, whose methods have not changed since the times when FBI head J. Edgar Hoover used dossiers against Martin Luther King or the Kennedy brothers.

In particular, committee chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner were so unbalanced in their witch-hunt against the Trump administration, that some of the witnesses had to temper their extremism – although those witnesses had been picked up among well-known disinformation professionals.

The March 20 hearing of the House Intelligence Committee went very differently. Chairman Devin Nunes, much to the discomfort of FBI Director Comey, zeroed in on the “dragnet” deployed by intelligence agencies to pick up communications by Trump’s advisors and then “unmask” the names before leaking them to the media. After appealing to anyone with knowledge of this to come forward, Nunes got a call from an intelligence source on March 21 while riding in his car, and went to the Old Executive Office Building, where he was shown the intelligence from intercepts.

It is not illegal for US intelligence services to intercept communications of foreigners on US soil, including when they are with and/or about American citizens. However, before that the transcripts are shared with anyone else, the names of the American participants must be “masked”, i.e., made illegible. Failure to do so is a crime. In the case of Trump team members, the names were “unmasked” in the last few months of the Obama Administration.

Nunes then had a meeting with the ranking democrat on his committee, Adam Schiff, who finally agreed to a closed-door session with FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers. That means that both will have to respond to the questions about who circulated the intelligence reports with the “unmasked” names of the Donald Trump team, and about the documents earlier shown to Nunes on these crimes. In the public session, Comey had refused almost every answer claiming the information was classified.

A report on Fox News of March 31 indicated very strongly that either then-CIA head John Brennan or then-DNI James Clapper began improperly “unmasking” and leaking the names of Trump associates.

It subsequently was made known that Susan Rice, then National Security Advisor to President Obama, asked to receive many “raw intelligence” reports with unmasked names, which she admitted to.