Open Letter from Natalia Vitrenko to UN, OSCE, Euro Parliament: ‘Stop Terrorism and Repression in Ukraine!’

Natalia Vitrenko, Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, wrote a letter on Oct. 3 to leading international institutions demanding that the Ukrainian government investigate and otherwise be held accountable for violence and repression against the PSPU and other political groupings in Ukraine. Vitrenko is a tireless and courageous fighter against fascism in her country and internationally, and has frequently campaigned along with Helga Zepp-LaRouche in favor of a New Bretton Woods to replace the current bankrupt financial system. Vitrenko’s letter, addressed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Parliament, was written after the PSPU held its extraordinary 32nd Congress, whose delegates authorized her to issue the appeal on their behalf, in view of the elections upcoming in Ukraine in 2019, for both the Presidency and the Supreme Rada. The current regime is acting to make it impossible for the PSPU to run candidates.Hier   weiterlesen

U.S. Congress Goes Way Overboard, Threatens Sanctions against Russia, Iran, and Europe

In the last week of July, the United States Congress passed the Iran-Russia-North Korea sanctions bill quasi unanimously (419-3 in the House of Representatives and 98-2 in the Senate). The intent of the bill is clearly to put the United States back into direct confrontation with Russia and to seriously weaken the President’s power to carry out foreign policy, as provided under the Constitution.Hier   weiterlesen

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Welcomes Sigmar Gabriel’s Call for a New Detente, but Demands the Truth Be Told on the Ukraine Coup

As a likely spillover of U.S. President Trump’s attempt to establish constructive relations with Russia, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called for a a “new detente” policy in an interview with Focus magazine of July 16.Hier   weiterlesen

Ukraine: Nazi-Linked Hit Squads Launch Acts of Terror on Opposition Leaders Natalia Vitrenko and Vladimir Marchenko

Early on the morning of May 9, the day commemorating the victory against nazism in 1945, Ukrainian political leader and Chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko was held prisoner in her own apartment by regime-sanctioned neo-Nazi gangsters (National Corps, formerly Azov Batallion), threatening her physically and preventing her from leaving the apartment. The same happened to her deputy, Vladimir Marchenko, at his apartment.Hier   weiterlesen

Political Repression in Ukraine: the Case of Natalia Vitrenko’s Progressive Socialist Party

One of the departing Obama Administration’s last acts of hostility towards Russia was Vice-President Joe Biden’s Jan. 16, 2016 visit to Kiev, where he declared that “the international community must continue to stand as one against Russian coercion and aggression.” Biden, as well as President Obama of course, had actively supported the Feb. 2014 coup against President Yanukoych from the beginning.Hier   weiterlesen