Cheminade on Macron Victory: a President for the Markets

On May 7, centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France with a huge margin of over 66% of the vote against Marine Le Pen’s less than 33%. But as former Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has stated repeatedly, France is headed for troubled times, because neither of the candidates proposed the fundamental changes required today.Hier   weiterlesen

French Presidential Elections: Jacques Cheminade Continues to Mobilize for Change

For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic in France, there will be no candidate from the traditional right-wing and left-wing parties in the runoff Presidential election on May 7. The winners of the first round are the polymorphous, fake “centrist” Emmanuel Macron (23.7%) and Marine Le Pen (21,5%) of the extreme right-wing Front National.Hier   weiterlesen

French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade Condemns the U.S. Strikes against Syria

On April 7, 2017, French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade issued the following short statement from Beirut, Lebanon, under the title “Worse than a Crime, It’s a Blunder.” Cheminade was in the Lebanese capital to meet Lebanese President Michel Aoun, after which he held a press conference and various meetings.Hier   weiterlesen

Cheminade Presents His Program to Employers (MEDEF), Farmers, and Many More

Eliminate unbridled financial speculation by separating the banks, issue public credit to finance the real economy, leave the euro and the EU in its current form, and join with the BRICS to develop the world are the themes French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has hammered on in his many interviews in the media. Last week, he had a chance to bring his message personally to important constituent events as well.Hier   weiterlesen

French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade Calls for an End to the Coalition Killing in Yemen

Supporters of Jacques Cheminade’s presidential bid took part in an international demonstration on March 25 in Paris to demand an end to the ongoing genocide in Yemen, where they distributed a short statement by the candidate headlined “Stop the Mass Death.” “Stop the Mass Death.”Hier   weiterlesen