Italian Banking Crisis Was Provoked by Brussels, Bail-In Victims to Be Refunded

In late April, the Italian government issued guidelines for the reimbursement — up to an amount of €200,000 — of depositors and owners of subordinate bonds who were unlawfully “bailed-in” in the past years. The measure, which is to be financed with €1.5 billion over three years, applies to customers of two Veneto banks, Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca, liquidated in 2017, and four banks in central Italy — Banca Etruria, Carife, Banca Marche and Carichieti — liquidated in 2015.Hier   weiterlesen

Italy: European Central Bank, Brussels and London Deliver a Devastating Blow to Democracy

On May 27, in Rome, the “populist” government put together by M5S and Lega, the two parties that had won the parliamentary elections, was rejected, in what can only be called a cold coup. The coup was executed by State President Mattarella, but the real string-puller is the ECB. Thus, the oh-so-democratic European elite has once again made perfectly clear that if they are not satisfied with the choice of the voters, they will disregard it!Hier   weiterlesen

Unemployment Figures for European Union Shown to Be an Illusion

EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker boasted in his Sept. 13 speech on the “state of the union” that “almost 8 million jobs” had been created during his mandate so far. In reality, Eurostat figures show that real unemployment in the EU is 20% on average, with Italy up to 35%, as economist Alberto Bagnai has earlier reported.Hier   weiterlesen