Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Crimes vs. the United States: The ‘Get LaRouche’ Task Force, Cover-Up of Saudis in 9/11 Attacks, The ‘Get Trump’ Task Force

Executive Intelligence Review published in its Sept. 28 issue, a dossier, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him.”

The dossier details that for nearly 35 years, now Special Counsel Mueller has been deployed not for American, but for British intelligence interests, and has again been selected to try to bring down a leading figure organizing for American policies, to break with British geopolitics—in this most dangerous case, President Donald Trump.

Focusing on three major corrupt, even criminal actions which Mueller has led, EIR demonstrates that the ongoing coup attempt against President Trump is being run by the same circles who imprisoned EIR founder Lyndon LaRouche in the 1980s, and who prevented the exposure of the role of the Saudis and their British controllers in the terrorist attack on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. In all three cases, Robert Mueller played and is playing the hit-man role. Senator Bob Graham, then investigating he 9/11 attacks, has accused Mueller and his FBI of “active deception” and obstruction to hide the dominant Saudi role in them.

The intention in all three cases was to prevent the United States from breaking from British financial and geopolitical policies, from returning to the American System of political economy, and from joining forces with Russia and China to defeat international terrorism and build “great projects” of transformative infrastructure.

The FBI, former director James Comey, and Special Counsel Mueller, are now openly obstructing justice by refusing to turn over to the U.S. Congress the documents relating to their cooperation with British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele.

The American population has shown its growing disgust with the failed effort to claim Russia stole the U.S. election from the gullible Americans, and with the equally failed effort to portray Trump as both a Russian puppet and a white supremacist. But this has not stopped Mueller’s drive to see the President impeached or even imprisoned. It will be stopped only by the most thorough exposure, circulated internationally—because many nations’ relations with the United States, and future prosperity, are at stake.

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