Spain Should Secede from the Bankrupt Financial System!

The growth of the independence movement in Catalonia is very much a consequence of the austerity policy imposed by the European Union and the European Central Bank in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, in order to save the bankrupt banks. Unemployment is nearly 20% average, and for young Spaniards, it is up to 40%, forcing many to leave the country in search of a job.

According to the Bank of Spain, the Spanish state injected €54.3 billion of public funds into the banks, but only 3.8 billion has been reimbursed so far, and another 10 billion are expected. That means that taxpayers have paid 40 billion to bail out the banks.

Catalonia may be better off economically than the rest of the country, but the lack of a positive perspective overall, combined with complex political considerations, has fueled the discontent. But an independent state cannot be the solution.

On Oct. 2, the day after the vote in Catalonia, which was repressed with totally disproportionate force on orders from Madrid, the LaRouche Movement in Spain issued a statement proposing a different paradigm:

“The real secession discussion which should dominate Spain’s national attention, should not be that of Catalonia separating from Spain — which would only benefit the City of London and Wall Street’s geopolitical Great Game — but that of separating Spain from the bankrupt and genocidal system of the European Union, of the Troika, which is the expression in Europe of the bankrupt monetary system whose austerity measures have left millions of Spanish youth with no future. A united Spain must declare its independence and reclaim is national sovereignty, and fully join the New Silk road. This is a pregnant moment.”

To read the statement in full, in English, click here.