Schiller Institute Launches Weekly International Strategic Webcast

On Oct. 5, at 18.00 CET, Helga Zepp LaRouche, the Founder and Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, inaugurated a weekly English-language webcast to spread what she calls the “New Silk Road Spirit” to the world.  Mrs. LaRouche is one of the most prominent intellectual authors of the concept of the Eurasian Land-bridge, expanded to the World Land-bridge.  Since Chinese President Xi Jinping put the New Silk Road (now called the Belt and Road Initiative) on the agenda four years ago, it is lifting tens of millions out of poverty, and proposes an alternative to  the dangerous idea of geopolitical division of the world.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche herself, known internationally as “the Silk Road Lady,” is often featured in Chinese media for analysis on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the global strategic situation.

She now plans to present, each week, a concise update of strategic developments, and a strategy for establishing a new paradigm in international affairs, shedding light on the forces behind the current putsch (color revolution) against President Trump, who is targeted, because he has promised to bring the relationship between the US on the one side, and Russia and China on the other,  on a good basis. Despite the effort of the transatlantic mainstream media to keep the lid on the issue, if the populations of the US and Europe were adequately informed about the enormous progress of the BRI, they would have a much more optimistic view of how the future can be shaped.

The weekly webcast of the Schiller Institute in English is intended to provide such a perspective, from the standpoint of Lyndon LaRouche’s physical economics, to an international audience, with an emphasis for obvious reasons on the United States.

We urge you to participate in the event every week.