Russiagate: the British Connection Increasingly Exposed

In the days since LaRouchePAC released its memo calling on President Trump to end the “special relationship” with the UK and release “All British Spawned Documents” related to the Russiagate witch hunt, a number of articles have been written which reflect the strategy outlined in the LPAC memo.

One example is an article by investigative journalist Sara Carter headlined “Pandora’s Box: Trump/Russia May Expose Extent of ‘Five-Eyes’ Allied Spying.” (Five Eyes refers to the intelligence alliance among the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.) The investigation of Trump, she shows, began earlier than admitted by U.S. intelligence agencies. By late 2015, when Trump’s campaign was not yet even taken seriously, Britain’s GCHQ “had already begun looking into what they alleged was contact between Russians and some members of the Trump campaign and played ‘an early, prominent role’ according to these sources.” GCHQ is the Signals Intelligence unit of British intelligence. Carter continues:

“What we do know is that a bulk of the information regarding advisors with the Trump campaign was gathered in England. We also know that Great Britain’s intelligence apparatus, along with other allied nations intelligence networks, were also gathering communications and data on officials of the Trump campaign while overseas.”

The exposure of the British role is crucial for two reasons. First, it shows that the foreign government which intervened in the U.S. election was not Russia, but the U.K., and that the collusion was not between Trump and Putin, but between Obama intelligence officials — especially then-CIA Director Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence Clapper — and Her Majesty’s imperial units. Carter seconds LaRouchePAC’s insistence that the investigation must look into the still-secret relationship between Brennan and GCHQ director Robert Hannigan, which seems to have been the trigger for the beginning of the U.S. side of the anti-Trump operations.

Secondly, it explains the series of desperate, ongoing lies from Britain about Russia, designed to increase the tension between the two nuclear superpowers. These provocations include the unproved allegation of Russian poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, England; the false flag chemical weapon’s charges in Douma against Assad and Russia; a new report placing the blame on Russia for shooting down the Malaysian airliner MH-17 over Ukraine, and the latest, the fake assassination of journalist Babchenko in Kiev, allegedly to catch Russian assassins.

The intent of these fake news stories is to prevent Donald Trump from proceeding with his desired course of developing a cooperative relationship with Russia and with President Putin personally. However, according to a number of sources, planning for such a summit between the two Presidents is ongoing. And Trump, of course, dropped a bombshell on June 8, by suggesting that Russia should be re-invited to participate in the G-7 deliberations.