French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade Calls for an End to the Coalition Killing in Yemen

Supporters of Jacques Cheminade’s presidential bid took part in an international demonstration on March 25 in Paris to demand an end to the ongoing genocide in Yemen, where they distributed a short statement by the candidate headlined “Stop the Mass Death.” “Stop the Mass Death.”Hier   weiterlesen

Global Surprises in 2017: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Addresses Kiwanis in Linz

On March 15, Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche was invited to speak on the theme of “The Surprises of the Year 2017, from the Standpoint of Global Politics” by the Kiwanis Club in the of the Austrian city of Linz. The over 100 guests were first greeted by Kiwanis Club president Gerhard Hölzmüller, before Zepp-LaRouche gave an overview of the major strategic changes in the world brought about by China’s initiative of the New Silk Road, which the mainstream media have in large part ignored or scarcely covered.Hier   weiterlesen

Jacques Cheminade’s Candidacy Validated for French Presidential Elections

The French Constitutional Council announced on March 18 the 11 Presidential candidates who had received at least 500 duly validated “presentations” from elected officials throughout the country – and Jacques Cheminade is among them. According to the rules, signatures must come in from at least 30 different administrative departments (out of 101), and not more than 50 from the same department, to ensure national representativity. The first round of the election is on April 23.Hier   weiterlesen

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Angela Merkel and Donald Trump Both Need the New Silk Road

“The atmosphere could hardly have been more uneasy between Chancellor Angela Merkel und U.S. President Donald Trump during her visit to the White House. No handshake for the cameras, next to no eye contact, strained faces for both of them. Not only is there no chemistry between them, but it is obvious that in the current trans-Atlantic geometry, no solution for the tensions can be found. There is nonetheless, a way out in sight, but it can only be found on a totally different, higher level: the win-win cooperation with China and the New Silk Road, which the United States and Germany have both been invited to join.”Hier   weiterlesen

Trump Spokesman Reaffirms Support for Glass-Steagall Bank Separation

The fear is growing in and around Wall Street that President Trump will support the legislation to restore Glass-Steagall banking separation, which has been recently re-introduced in the U.S. Congress. The House bill (H.R. 790) now has 38 sponsors, six of them on March 8 alone, while the next day, Glass-Steagall was a topic again at the White House press briefing. And once again, the President’s press secretary affirmed Trump’s support for it.Hier   weiterlesen

The “Belt and Road Initiative” Is Like a Symphonic Orchestra, with Parts for All

The Chinese government has launched a global organizing drive to ensure that the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF), to be held in Beijing on May 14-15, consolidates a “broad, international consensus on the Belt and Road Initiative,” in the words of State Councilor Yang Jiechi. Noting that “the global economy is yet to emerge from the profound impact of the international financial crisis,” Yang emphasized in a March 10 interview with China Daily that “we hope the BRF will help drive away the clouds of the economic doldrums,” and that already “in countries around the world, priority is given to the real economy, the manufacturing sector, industrialization and economic diversification.”Hier   weiterlesen

US-Russia Relations: Former US Ambassador to Moscow Warns of Police State in the United States

Former US Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock, who is also a leading scholar on Russia, warned in a post on his website March 4, that the U.S. threatens to become a “police state.” In reference to the assumption by so many media and politicians that any contact that President Trump’s supporters may have had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and other Russian diplomats is questionable or even illegal, he writes:Hier   weiterlesen