UK Attorney General: War of Aggression Is Not Illegal in the UK!

The top British law official has now declared openly that a war of aggression war may be illegal under international law — but not under English law! That claim was made by Attorney General Jeremy Wright, as reported in the April 17 Guardian, in an effort to protect former Prime Minister Tony Blair from prosecution for war crimes related to the 2003 Iraq war.Hier   weiterlesen

Upcoming Belt and Road Forum in Beijing Holds Great Promise

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing on May 14-15 is intended to boost productivity, productive employment and scientific and technological advancement for countries all over the world. Some 110 countries will be represented, including 28 heads of state, and over 60 international organizations. Originally dubbed the New Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative is projected to equal some 20 Marshall Plans for the mutual, “win-win” benefit of all participants.Hier   weiterlesen

French Presidential Elections: Jacques Cheminade Continues to Mobilize for Change

For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic in France, there will be no candidate from the traditional right-wing and left-wing parties in the runoff Presidential election on May 7. The winners of the first round are the polymorphous, fake “centrist” Emmanuel Macron (23.7%) and Marine Le Pen (21,5%) of the extreme right-wing Front National.Hier   weiterlesen

To Stop the War Danger, Expose the British Connection

The majority of the world’s nations and peoples are in a state of shock, and fear, that the recent 180-degree turn by President Donald Trump — from his rejection of regime change and a commitment to work with Russia and China for peace and development, to a criminal and unwarranted military attack on Syria and a threat to preemptively attack North Korea — could provoke a global nuclear war at virtually any moment.Hier   weiterlesen

Ted Postol: White House Report Contains No Evidence as to Who Is Responsible for Gas Attack in Syria

Professor Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, issued a 14-page document on April 11, refuting the 4-page “dossier” issued by the White House the day before, which supposedly proved that the government of Bashar al Assad was responsible for the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria..Hier   weiterlesen

To Stop Imminent Danger of War, LaRouche Calls for Trump-Putin Summit

On April 9, Lyndon LaRouche warned that there is a British-run coup d’état in process against the Trump Administration, which threatens to escalate the stupid and dangerous April 7 air strike against a Syrian air base into a full-fledged thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China.Hier   weiterlesen

Will Palace Coup against Donald Trump Succeed?

“There is a palace coup underway.” This was the explanation offered by a Trump insider, as to why the U.S. President ordered a missile strike against a Syrian air base. “For the moment,” he added, “the neoconservatives have gained the upper hand.” They have been relentless, he said, pushing “fake news” about Trump and the Russians, to weaken him. “I’m afraid he has now fallen into the trap they have set for him,” by ordering the attack.Hier   weiterlesen

Jacques Cheminade Received by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Makes Powerful Intervention for Peace in the Middle East

On April 7th, just hours after Donald Trump had ordered an attack on the Syrian base of Al Shayrat, French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the Baabda presidential palace, to discuss about “peace through development” for the whole region. Christine Bierre, in charge of this region for Cheminade’s movement, also attended the meeting.Hier   weiterlesen