New Year Message for 2019 from Helga Zepp-LaRouche: The World at an Historic Crossroads

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the international Schiller Institute, recorded a video message for the New Year, which we present below. The video is available here.

Some of you may remember that one year ago, I defined the overcoming of geopolitics as the most important goal for 2018, and many of you probably thought “Geopolitics, what is that? Is that really the most pressing issue?” And I maintained that because geopolitics had been the source of two world wars, we could not continue with such a confrontational policy in the age of thermonuclear weapons.

Now, see what happened in the year which just passed. You had an enormous amount of breakthroughs, where many regions of the world are in the process of overcoming geopolitics. Just to name a few: you had the historic summit between President Trump and President Kim Jong-un in Singapore, which is leading to a process of rapprochement between the two Koreas. Then you had, all of a sudden, Japan working with China on the Belt and Road Initiative. After the very important summit in Wuhan between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, China and India are now working together on projects. And after the election of a new prime minister in Pakistan, there is reason for careful optimism as concerns the relationship between Pakistan and India.

Also in Africa: In the Horn of Africa, you have nations which had no relations, or negative ones — namely, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia – that are now working together on infrastructure and have established diplomatic relations. The entire African continent is filled with a spirit of optimism because of what China has been doing there, which is now also attracting investments from many other countries around the world.

But maybe the most interesting of all of these developments is President Trump’s announcement that the United States is going to pull out of Syria. This is causing a big irony, because many of the people who were screaming, “Americans, go home!” just a few years ago, are now saying the United States absolutely must stay there, that it will lead to chaos, that it just gives a gift to Presidents Putin, and Rouhani, and so forth.

Now, think about it: Isn’t it better that Trump make good on his election promise to end the permanent wars of his predecessors? And he has promised the same thing for Afghanistan, that after futile efforts to solve the situation in Afghanistan militarily, there is now the intention to solve it through negotiation, to involve all the big neighbors of Afghanistan. So, isn’t it better to go in this direction, of trying to seek solutions through diplomacy and negotiation?

Taking Europe out of the Disintegrating Old Order

However, there are still forces which are absolutely sticking to the old geopolitical paradigm, that is, the British government. Look at the recent report by the House of Lords, which is a masterpiece of geopolitics of the worst kind. [“U.K. Foreign Policy In A Shifting World Order“] Then there is naturally the EU and also, unfortunately, the Berlin government: They absolutely insist that their “rules-based order” must be maintained.

But this is not really very convincing. And I would actually urge you to find out for yourself, which way is better? Look at the New Year’s message of President Xi Jinping of China, which is a very proud listing of all the incredibly many accomplishments China has made this past year, all the industrial parks, the beautiful bridge between Macao, Zhuhai, and Hong Kong, and many such projects. China has lifted 10 million people out of poverty in one year alone, and is confident that it will lift all the remaining poor out of poverty by the year 2020. This is a message of somebody who cares about his country and his people, and please look at this message yourself, especially because of all of the anti-China hysteria going on.

And then compare that New Year’s message with the one of German Chancellor Merkel, who finds it important to stress as the most important occurrence of 2018 that she announced her resignation, and otherwise, is just more of the same and doesn’t offer any vision whatsoever.

I think we are facing dramatic changes in this coming year 2019. It is not yet clear what these changes will be. It is clear that the old order is disintegrating, a new order is emerging, and what exactly the parameters will be of this new order, the principles, is also not yet decided. But I think if we look at the concepts of previous great thinkers of humanity, who had the vision of one single humanity, who had the vision of a harmonious development of all nations, they are the thinkers we can ask for advice. One of them is Confucius, others are Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and, naturally, also John Quincy Adams, and many others, but just to name these few.

So I think we are at an absolute, historic branching point. We can shape a new era of civilization where we overcome geopolitics for good. And I would ask you to work with the Schiller Institute, so that we can convince the remaining nations which are still sticking to the old ways and get especially the European nations to join the New Paradigm. We can build a fantastic future if we work together.