Leading British Officials Caution May Government against Rush to War

The feverish efforts of Theresa May’s government, backed by the British elite and the City of London, to feed the new Cold War drive against Russia are running into trouble. Take London’s role in organizing the “Russiagate” scandal in the United States, involving supposed collusion between the Trump team and Russian officials, in which “former” MI6 operative Christopher Steele was a leading player. Or the claim that Russia and Vladimir Putin himself were behind the attempt to kill Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, using chemical weapons, which has collapsed under the weight of its own contradictions. Then, the British government’s eagerness to launch military strikes against Syria on April 14, once again in the absence of hard evidence, and on the sole basis of a Foreign Office-financed terrorist group in Syria, the White Helmets, led a number of leading diplomatic and military figures in the U.K. itself to question the blatant lies behind those attacks. For example:

  • The former head of the Royal Navy Admiral Lord Alan West stated, “If I was advising President Assad, why would I say use chemical weapons? It doesn’t make any sense. But for the jihadist opposition groups, I can see why it would.” He also pointed out that the opposition groups behind the reports are not neutral and not reliable sources of information.
  • The former head of British Special Forces, Major General Jonathan Shaw, said, “Why would Assad use chemical weapons? He’s won the war….This is not just my view but it’s shared by other British senior commanders. There’s no rationale whatsoever behind Assad’s involvement. He’s convinced the rebels to leave the occupied areas in buses. He’s getting the territory. Why would he gas them? Jihadis and opposition groups would have much more motivation. They would want to keep the Americans involved.”
  • Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford stated April 17 on Fox News, that “There is a distinct possibility that we have been deluded, we’ve been suckered. I think the President’s [Trump’s] advisors have served him extremely badly.”
  • Lord Andrew Green, the British Ambassador to Syria from 1991-94, pointed out to the Times of London that “There are a substantial number of people in the government-held areas of Syria who would much prefer the present regime — for all its faults — than the alternative.” The London daily reported with indignation that both Lord Green and the former head of the Special Air Services (SAS), Maj Gen John Holmes, are members of the British Syria Society (BSS), which is run by Ambassador Ford, According to the Times, the BSS is guilty of “championing the brutal regime in Syria.”