LaRouche Political Action Committee Condemns Air Strikes on Syria, Mobilizes Protest among Citizens

In reviewing the Syria bombing ordered by US President Donald J. Trump on April 7, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche condemned it in the strongest terms possible. President Trump received a fraudulent briefing on the event itself, asserting that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack on his own population, despite the fact that U.S. military forces on the ground in Syria knew that the chemicals came from an Al-Qaeda base, as stated by Russian and Syrian officials. President Trump was lied to by individuals in his national security/intelligence chain of command. The air strikes were clearly in violation of international law.

The sources utilized to assert that the Syrian government was responsible for attack represent the same forces that are coordinating the international attack on Trump’s Presidency, in an effort to destroy any positive potential for relationships with Russia and China to rebuild the U.S. and world economy. Their pedigree is clearly that of the “British Empire”.

It is not accidental that this setup occurred right when the President was meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping — a meeting which has the City of London and its Wall Street allies completely apoplectic – because it could lead to a new and peaceful paradigm in favor of economic and scientific progress.

LaRouche PAC is coordinating a national mobilization against this fraud, telling the President to find out and fire those responsible, and return to the sound American System premises of his Presidency, not the World War III policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nothing less than the continued viability of his presidency is at stake. The PAC is also demanding that the United Nations immediately investigate.

According to numerous intelligence community sources , active duty U.S. forces on the ground in Syria knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical attack. The Syrians hit an Al-Qaeda base which was storing chemical weapons used by the terrorists. The United States had been notified of the Syrian mission before it took place and knew about the Syrian targeting. Someone either deliberately lied to the President about this information or kept it from him.

The on-the-ground intelligence purporting to document a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Air Force came from the White Helmets group, created by the British, financed by the British Defense Ministry, and totally penetrated by and supporting ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists. The other cited “proof” comes from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory which consists of a single individual, residing outside of London, who is notorious for widely disseminating inaccurate information.

The President needs to hear from those who voted for him and other patriots who are not interested in World War III or perpetual war in the Middle East. The swamp which needs draining is the Wall Street/London/Washington D.C. neo-conservative, liberal interventionist swamp which has squandered the nation’s wealth, and involved our youth in fraudulent wars destroying the morale of an entire generation.

The LaRouche PAC calls on all Americans to call or email the White House or twitter the President to demand an end to military action.