Jacques Cheminade’s Candidacy Validated for French Presidential Elections

The French Constitutional Council announced on March 18 the 11 Presidential candidates who had received at least 500 duly validated “presentations” from elected officials throughout the country – and Jacques Cheminade is among them. According to the rules, signatures must come in from at least 30 different administrative departments (out of 101), and not more than 50 from the same department, to ensure national representativity. The first round of the election is on April 23.

Shortly after the official announcement, Jacques Cheminade held a press conference to make his candidacy official and to present the three books he has written. A written summary of his 10 minute statement is available on his website in French.

The attempt by the major parties to lock smaller candidates out of the Presidential election under the new electoral law has failed, Cheminade began by saying. “I’m happy about that, first of all, for the French people and for all those who succeeded in becoming candidates”.

Whoever the next President is, Cheminade pointed out, he will not have a majority.

He went on to review the major planks of his platform :

  • Do what Emmanuel Macron and François Hollande never had the courage to do, which is a real separation of commercial banks from investment banks;
  • Re-establish a true national bank to issue public productive credit to finance the France of tomorrow;
  • Re-found a Europe of nations and great projects, freed from the financial stranglehold imposed by the EU and the euro, and of which NATO is the armed branch;
  • Look to the BRICS countries to build a new economic “win win” system and to make France an example of peace and development in the world. The main challenges to be taken up today, to realize the common aims of mankind, Cheminade added, are space research, a policy for exploration of the sea, and the development of Africa.

Cheminade thanked the elected officials who made it possible for him to run, and to thus allow him to express his ideas and his convictions. He especially thanked his activists “who sacrificed so much and who fought so hard, sometimes day and night so that their ideas would be represented.”

He called on all Frenchmen in this “dramatic period of history” to read more carefully than they ever did before his program because “at a time when others are holding forth on the deck of the Titanic and throwing around figures that will be swept away by the impending crisis”, the votes that are called “useful”, because they are given to someone who has a good chance of winning, “must rather become votes of reason, responsibility, knowledge and passion”.

Cheminade concluded his statement by saying: “I am fighting for a new Libération. The political will for liberation is imbedded in our French culture.”

Of the three books Cheminade presented, one of them is titled What a President Must Say (Ce qu’un président doit dire) and includes the editorials that he wrote for Nouvelle Solidarité from 2012 to 2017, so that everyone can see how what his immediate reaction was to current events.

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