Jacques Cheminade Received by Lebanese President Michel Aoun

The French presidential campaign of Jacques Cheminade announced on the morning of April 7 that the candidate in the French was in Lebanon, where he would meet with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, and then hold a press conference.

The communique states that “Whereas the tensions of the last days in Syria demonstrate the extreme urgency for a global political solution, Jacques Cheminade will develop in the course of this trip, his vision for a Middle East at peace and the conditions in which it can be reconstructed.

“Jacques Cheminade has long devoted close attention to the situation in this region of the world and is convinced that Lebanon constitutes a point of reference for tolerance and mutual development which is particularly expressed by its generous acceptance of 1.5 million refugees.

“It behooves the other countries of the world to become inspired by this example, in order to contribute to reestablishing peace throughout the region as a whole and for the United Nations to ensure the most far-reaching aid for the Lebanese leadership.”

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