Intelligence Professionals Warn Trump Not to Give in to the Deep State as Obama Did

The future of the United States as a constitutional republic is at stake in current showdown between the Trump presidency and the nexus of banking/corporate interests, secrets services, and politicians dubbed the “deep state”, which is now being escalated. Such is the warning published March 29 in Consortium News by William Binney, the original designer of a number of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs before turning whistleblower, and Ray McGovern, a former CIA analysist specialized in Russia and the Soviet Union who prepared the Presidential daily brief in the 1980s. Both are members of the VIPS (Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity).

In previous interventions, Binney has refuted, from a technical standpoint, the allegation that Russian officials hacked the computers of the Democratic Party and is convinced that the documents were leaked. As for McGovern, he does not even accept the premise on which all the wild stories on Russia and the hacking are based, i.e., that Putin wanted Donald Trump to be elected.

In their recent article, they urge President Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, not to back down to pressure, but rather to force into the open the illegal activities of the “Deep State,” which engaged in constant surveillance of all elected officials, key appointees of the government, and of course Trump’s campaign team.

The reality today, they write, is that everyone, including the President is surveilled, which gives the agencies involved enormous leverage for blackmailing almost anyone. The fear these surveillance capabilities strike in the hearts of U.S. government officials and politicians, Binney and McGovern write, was reflected in Senator Chuck Schumer’s warning to MSNBC TV host Rachel Maddow, that the intelligence agencies “have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” if you dare go after them.

Now, they write, Trump can “either confront those who have kept him in the dark about such rogue activities or live fearfully in their shadow”, as President Obama did. His decision will “largely determine the freedom of action he enjoys as president on many key security and other issues. But even more so, his choice may decide whether there is a future for this constitutional republic.”

Ray McGovern provided more background information to the “deep state” and Russia’s activities during an interview with LaRouche Political Action Committe on March 31. He noted that while Representative Nunes seems to want to get to the bottom of this affair of spying and surveillance, “whether he will succeed or not is anybody’s guess. All I can say is, he’s up against formidable opponents.”