Germany: CDU Group Denounces “Moral Blackmail” by the Climate Change Lobby

The “Berlin Circle” (Berliner Kreis) in the CDU adopted a policy paper on June 3 calling for a serious and objective debate on climate-related and energy policies. Science “should not be instrumentalized by policymakers”, the paper states, and climate research should be “an issue of faith” or an “arena of ideological disputes”.

The Berlin Circle, a conservative group within Chancellor Merkel‘s Christian Democrats, demands “an end to the moral blackmail by climate researchers” and to presenting only the presumed negative consequences of global warming.

Climate changes have always occurred in the Earth’s history, the group notes, predominantly caused by solar activity, the earth-sun constellation, volcanic outbursts and meteorite impacts.

Whereas the media narrative prefers to stress the assumed negative effects of the ongoing global warming process “the opportunities offered by the melting of the polar sea ice (ice-free Northern Passage, new fishing opportunities, raw materials exploration) probably are greater than the potentially negative ecological effects,” they note.

With the increasingly aggressive political targets, particularly the reduction of CO2 emissions promoted by the so-called “World Climate Council” (IPCC) a kind of “saving-the-world-circus” has been created, with little scientific relevance, but massive state meddling at the expense of citizens who have to subsidize inefficient “renewables” such as solar and wind power. This green energy policy, the memo claims, will hardly improve the climate, but will lower living standards and “lead to massive social upheaval”.

Therefore, the Berlin Circle calls for an end to the German government’s energy strategy, in particular the Renewable Energies Law, and for an energy mix that includes modernized gas and coal power plants, especially since Germany is a leader in such high-end conventional technologies.

While the memo does not challenge the German government’s decision to completely abandon nuclear power, it does note that the “ideological demonization” of nuclear technology is counterproductive. Germany should also maintain its expertise in nuclear technology and continue to conduct research into safe nuclear waste management. It notes, significantly, that “fusion energy research as a pioneer research and option for a future energy supply must receive continued appropriate funding.”

Needless to say, the memo was immediately denounced by leading followers of the government strategy in the establishment parties, who fear a broader public debate on the issue.

The “Berliner Kreis” includes a number of leading CDU Bundestag members, such as Wolfgang Bosbach, Arnold Vaaytz, Veronika Bellmann, Thomas Dörflinger, Stephan Mayer, Johannes Selle and Hans-Peter Uhl.

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