French Presidential Elections: Jacques Cheminade Supports Cancellation of Greek Debt

Supporters of Jacques Cheminade’s presidential bid took part in two international demonstrations on March 25 in Paris, one for the Greek people, and the other for the Yemenis, distributing short statements the candidate had written for these occasions.

The United People’s Front (EPAM) a group of Greek patriots, held demonstrations in many European capitals on that day, which was the Greek national holiday, to call for the immediate restoration of human rights. Cheminade, in his statement, notes that an independent UN expert had issued a report in February 2016, “confirming the human catastrophe due to the brutal austerity policies of the Troika (IMF, ECB, and European Commission) since the beginning of the crisis.”

He himself has always been against the “drastic remedies of the Troika.” He recalls that after the July 5, 2015 Greek voter referendum against the EU bailout package, he welcomed the result in a statement in which he pointed out how much more still needed to be done. Among those measures, cancellation of the odious, illegitimate debt, banking separation, great projects financed by public credit, and cooperation with the BRICS.

“Today, in my presidential campaign, I am fighting for France to leave the EU, the euro and NATO, and for cancellation of the illegitimate share of the debt and resorption of the other debt through a rescheduling plan combined with an economic recovery plan.”

Cheminade goes on to say that in his program “I do not forget Greece to which we are attached by our reason and in our hearts.” His program states:

“Concretely, in the case of Greece, where nearly 90% of the assistance and credit plans that were theoretically granted served in reality to bail out financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc.), it is obvious that a partial cancellation of its debt and a moratorium on another part are necessary.”