French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade Condemns the U.S. Strikes against Syria

On April 7, 2017, French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade issued the following short statement from Beirut, Lebanon, under the title “Worse than a Crime, It’s a Blunder.” Cheminade was in the Lebanese capital to meet Lebanese President Michel Aoun, after which he held a press conference and various meetings.

“Donald Trump dared to do what Barack Obama did not do in 2013. This destabilisation of the region, which occurred before any conclusive international investigation, jeopardizes peace in the Middle East and creates an even more difficult situation for the Lebanese authorities.

“The gate to peace in Syria goes through Beirut, provided irresponsible foreign powers do not interfere to make the situation worse.

“The role of France and of Europe is to respect the national independence of all, to promote entente, detente and cooperation, while recognizing States and not regimes.

“International policy cannot be carried out by claiming to ‘punish the bad guys’, but by promoting peace through mutual development.”