French Presidential Candidate Jacques Cheminade Calls for an End to the Coalition Killing in Yemen

Supporters of Jacques Cheminade’s presidential bid took part in an international demonstration on March 25 in Paris to demand an end to the ongoing genocide in Yemen, where they distributed a short statement by the candidate headlined “Stop the Mass Death.” “Stop the Mass Death.”

“Are we headed toward the first organized genocide of the 21st century?” Cheminade asks. “If France, the United Kingdom and the United States continue to deliver weapons to the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia which is raging against this country, the deaths could soon be counted in the millions.”

Cheminade references the recent warnings of six international NGOs about the looming catastrophe, and denounces the blockade of the port of Hudaydah preventing delivery of food relief, and the coalition’s blind bombings against the civilian population, medical centers, and religious sites. He goes on to cite the figures on severe malnutrition, cholera, etc..

As for the French policy, Cheminade takes the occasion to “express once again my indignation at the policy of ‘strategic partnership’ with Saudi Arabia adopted by the Hollande government,” and to endorse the demand by the NGOs for an immediate cease-fire to facilitate the delivery of aid.

“I also demand the implementation of a water policy, a real war against thirst, through organizing the radar location of aquifers and increasing the number of wells, given that in Somalia and Kenya, the coming drought represents a threat of death for millions of human beings.”

“Instead of encouraging criminal wars, we should pave the way to peace which means water and mutual development.”

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