French Presidential Candidate Cheminade: How David Can Defeat Goliath

The following is the translation of Cheminade’s 3 minute electoral spot which was shown eight times on prime time television before the end of the campaign on April 21. The first clip, 1.30 minutes long, was broadcast ten times.

“I could do what the other candidates do, and reel off measures to relieve all the emergencies. It’s true that there are enormous emergency situations: vanishing jobs, suffering in the workplace, a lack of housing, education that is too selective, disabilities that go untreated.

“But I don’t want to lie to you: as long as our country remains under financial occupation, the promises will remain campaign slogans, and our battles will be lost.

“You hear everywhere that ‘there is no money’, that we’re up to our necks in debt. The truth is that we just keep bailing out the mega-banks and the speculators. In one year, the European Central Bank gives them 960 bn euros to win a bit of time before the next crash – money created out of thin air – mainly to support speculation, while imposing social austerity on employment and production. Given the size of the French economy, those 960 bn euros represent 115 bn euros contributed to the EU.

“The alternative is the national bank that I would re-create. It would be in the hands of workers, of entrepreneurs and elected officials and issue €100 bn euros of credit. That is less than 115 bn, so no one can say that we are oer-spending. Every cent of that will be oriented to meeting your needs and your future, instead of feeding new financial bubbles.

“With that, we will be able to create one million new jobs per year to ensure our recovery, revive our countrysides together with our mayors, and launch the great projects of tomorrow: space research, development of the oceans, development of Africa, and controlled thermonuclear fusion power.

“Thus, I am betting on the future. What we offer the future generations will allow us to jump-start the economy today and to reimburse the credit tomorrow.

“The State must control its own money. Otherwise, those who possess money will continue to control the State. Our leaders submit to an adversary that none of them has dared to confront, that is, of course, the lawless financial world.

“But it’s also what has invaded our minds: the news flashes, the communications tools, all this endless regurgitation which, in the end, leads us into passivity.

“I am fighting so that things will be better tomorrow. Because it is by fixing our sights on the horizon that we avoid running into a wall.

“I am fighting for a France of digital technology, robotics, 3D, a culture committed to life and discovery, which brings art and science back to the people.

“I am fighting to give back to young people their self-esteem, rather than the fear of underperforming.

“Many of you are disgusted and want to abstain from voting, or to vote for someone who will win, or blinded by anger, to vote against their own interests.

“Go to our website cheminade2017. Then, I make the wager that many of you will vote for me, for our ideas, because they will see how Davids can defeat Goliaths.”