EIR Hosts Conference with VIPS on Russian Hack Fraud

EIR held an intense conference in Manhattan on Sept. 9 on the theme “The ‘Russian Hack’ Inside Job: Who’s Trying To Destroy The Presidency And Start A World War With Russia?” Featured speakers were two experts of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) William Binney and Ray McGovern, as well as EIR’s William Wertz. The event drew a packed crowd, including many activists from organizations eager to hear the evidence of how the “Deep State” (financial interests, intelligence community, complicit media and politicians) manipulated the entire Russiagate affair.

The two experts also gave insider views of many other cases of megaspying and disinformation campaigns. A number of activists from different 9/11 groups, who demand an end to the coverup of those atrocious attacks and of the intelligence community’s responsibility, were in attendance, as were several national and international press, etc. The three and a half hour event can be viewed here.

For more information on the VIPS memo refuting the hacking of Democratic Party computers, click here.


U.S. Intelligence Veterans: Hacking of Democratic Party Was an Inside Job, not Russia