Climate Change Gurus Indulge in More Scare-Mongering

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report on Oct. 8, which claims that to avoid terrifying consequences for the planet, global warming must absolutely be limited to 1.5 degrees C by the end of the century, compared to the pre-industrial levels. In other words, the Panel confirms its opinion that the Paris Climate Accord, which mandated keeping the temperature rise to below 2°, was not drastic enough.

Man-made carbon emissions are once again designated as the primary culprit. Nations of the world are called upon to take urgent action, principally by ending industrial activity and modern agriculture, and of course by slashing the use of coal and gas energy, in favor of (highly unreliable and expensive) “renewables”. The IPCC recommends slashing man-made carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 in order to reach the level of “net zero” by 2050. Otherwise, human civilization may not survive the apocalypse, a warning which was taken up “Chicken Little” style in the media.

Just one day after release of the new report, the European Union Environment Ministers voted in favor of a 35% reduction of CO2 emissions produced by new cars by 2030, as compared to 2020 levels. The CEO of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, warned that the new target could cost up to 100,000 jobs in his company alone.

Scientific critics of the IPCC argue that the organization’s forecasts are notoriously driven by ideology, based on dubious models of calculation designed to produce the desired result, rather than by science taking into account the processes of the entire universe. Indeed, given the influence on our Earth of our Solar System and galaxy, it is totally disproportionate to claim that man-made activities could change the Earth’s climate in any meaningful way.

But the scare campaign does fit the agenda of the trans-Atlantic elite and oligarchy, which views human progress as a very dangerous proposition to their power. Such progress depends on industrialization and infrastructure development, which in turn allow for a steady increase in the potential relative population density of the planet, a notion developed scientifically by Lyndon LaRouche. The objective of the “global warming hoax”, on the contrary, is to achieve a drastic reduction of the population, as many of their proponents openly admit.

The new IPCC report is quite obviously aimed at hampering the “new paradigm” of economic development and connectivity worldwide, sparked by China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

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