China Daily Features Zepp-LaRouche Call to Donald Trump to Take Part in BRI Forum

With just over one week to the opening of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, the English language edition of China Daily USA featured on May 5 an article citing Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, calling on the United States President to participate in the event. The article by Wang Linyan datelined New York was headlined “Trump Encouraged to Attend Belt-Road Forum”.

“The best would be if President Trump would attend the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing in person”, Zepp-LaRouche is quoted as saying. “The second best would be a second personal summit between him and President Xi Jinping immediately afterwards in China.”

Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in the interview the multiple benefits that would be generated by the United States joining the “gigantic dynamic” developing around “the biggest” infrastructure program in history.

“Only if the US joins the initiative is there a way to overcome geopolitics, which was the cause of two world wars in the 20th century. Once the institutional forces in the US recognize that it is more in the interest of American industry, jobs and society in general than to be outside of the initiative, a potential Thucydides’ trap or a war over hot spots can be avoided.”

If the Chinese help build infrastructure in the US, that would “help to rejuvenate the American economy,” she told Wang Linyan. Beyond bilateral investments, Zepp-LaRouche suggested, the two nations could participate in joint ventures around the world.