Cheminade on Macron Victory: a President for the Markets

On May 7, centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France with a huge margin of over 66% of the vote against Marine Le Pen’s less than 33%. But as former Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade has stated repeatedly, France is headed for troubled times, because neither of the candidates proposed the fundamental changes required today.

The third round of the electoral process will be the upcoming legislative elections in mid-June for all the seats in the National Assembly.

The results themselves show how severely the country is divided. First, the abstention rate hit a record 25.3%, the largest since 1969. Second, some 4.2 million French voters (ca. 8.9%) who actually decided to go to the voting polls either cast a blank ballot (empty envelop) or a void ballot (torn or damaged). Altogether, that makes nearly one out of every three voters.

In addition, as many as 64% of those who voted for Macron in the second round were only doing so to vote against Le Pen. And some 50% of those voting for Le Pen only wanted to vote against Macron.

In a short video message on May 8, Jacques Cheminade evoked his own road map for France.

“This Presidential debate did not live up to today’s challenges. All of you know that already.

“Since Emmanuel Macron launched the En Marche movement on April 6, 2016, he has been promoted by the media — together with Marine Le Pen as a foil. It worked for the financial markets. And that’s the situation we have now.

“What can be done? First, we need to exert pressure on the presidency, so that Emmanuel Macron goes to Beijing on May 14-15 to the Belt and Road conference organized by Xi Jinping, which will also be attended by Vladimir Putin, and hopefully Donald Trump as well.

“This event will be decisive for world peace and France needs to be there — to say what it has to say and to immediately launch a grand design for the development of Africa. We need a water policy to save millions of lives. We need to get rid of the CFA franc, and of everything else that is oppressing this continent, which must become the continent of the future.

“Some 61% of Frenchmen do not want Emmanuel Macron to have a majority in the next Parliament. The upcoming elections represent for us an occasion to bring in ideas, and a vision for France, and to weave a web throughout the country, to build a real political movement. Not a kind of catch-all minestrone where you tell people what they want to hear and then, in the mute mode, you serve the markets, but a real political movement. That is our road map for the future and it’s time to move forward.”

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