Catalonia: The EU’s Not-So-Secret Plans to Break up Nation-States

The insane austerity, no-growth policy of the European Union has undoubtedly fueled the growing movement for independence in Catalonia and elsewhere. But behind the upsurge of calls for breaking up the nations of Europe, there is another, much less mediatized aspect which was taken up by Karel Vereycken, the former spokesman for French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade, in an interview with Sputnik posted on Oct. 6.

For hard-core Europeanists in the tradition of Leopold Kohr, a protégé of Winston Churchill, Vereycken said, “the large historical nation-states of Europe have to be broken up into smaller entities of about 5 to 8 million inhabitants in order to get the European population to accept an EU empire-like supranational super-state.” That could apply to Catalonia, Flanders, Scotland, Lombardy, and countless other regions.

Such plans have been in the cards for decades now, becoming more or less prominent according to the circumstances. As concerns Spain, the government has recently shown its eagerness to participating in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which may be one reason for the destabilization attempts.

Read the Sputnik article based on a discusion with Karel Vereycken in full.