Calls for Political Violence against Donald Trump Reach New Heights

The political climate in the United States has become increasingly volatile and dangerous, fed by the frenzy of demonizing President Donald Trump as a dictator, a greedy self-serving incompetent, and even as an agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. That culminated last week in the shots fired at Republican Congressmen and their aides during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Among those hit was U.S. Representative Scalise, the third-ranking member in the Republican leadership in the House, who remains in critical condition.

As has so often been the case in politically-motivated attacks in the United States, the shooter was portrayed by the media as a “deranged Trump hater” acting alone, but the reality is that an environment has been created by the opponents of Trump in the Deep State and the media, which also allows professional assassins to be deployed with a “credible” cover.

During that same week, the image of a prominent comedienne holding a severed, bloody head of Trump, went viral on social media. And in New York City’s annual “Shakespeare in the Park” festival, a production of Julius Caesar portrayed Caesar explicitly as Trump, who is killed in an exceptionally brutal scene. Despite protests against the play, which led to several sponsors withdrawing support, the New York Times not only defended the performance as art, but continues in its “news” coverage to portray Trump as a dangerous autocrat, deserving of impeachment, or worse.

At the same time, the attempt to somehow remove Trump from power legally has escalated. It is now centered around the “investigation” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. Trump opponents had demanded the appointment of a Special Counsel, when the original line of attack – i.e., his election due to foreign intervention by Putin and his treasonous collusion with the Russians — was collapsing due to lack of evidence.  Mueller has added two new charges: that the President has been involved in “obstruction of justice,” by firing FBI Director James Comey to impede the investigation; and that he has engaged in wide-ranging “financial crimes”, including receiving laundered money from suspicious Russian sources.

Given such an incessant media drumbeat against Trump, it has been difficult for him to proceed with his commitment to engage in beneficial collaboration with Russia and China, and to advance his agenda for reviving the U.S. manufacturing base.  This week, the Senate voted 97-2 to impose new sanctions against Russia, while Wall Street-controlled Republicans are maneuvering against Trump’s support for Glass-Steagall and infrastructure spending.

In the face of this increasingly dangerous escalation, Lyndon LaRouche has called on the American people to rally to stop the coup, and to fight for passage of LaRouche’s Four Basic laws, which would provide the legislative basis for neutralizing Wall Street and its Deep State allies, while generating the credit to finance a scientific and manufacturing renaissance.