British Intelligence Reportedly Plots False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

British intelligence and their assets on site, such as the White Helmets, are accused of preparing a chemical weapons attack in Idlib, which would be falsely presented as an “atrocity” by the Syrian government, thus warranting a counter-attack by the U.S., France, and Britain and leading to a dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia. Russian officials have repeatedly warned against such an operation, and provided precise information about it to the relevant government authorities and international institutions.

On Aug. 22, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov reported that eight canisters of chlorine had been delivered to a village near Jisr al-Shughur, and a specially trained group of militants, prepped by the British security company Olive, arrived in the area to be able to simulate a rescue operation, presumably with the help of the White Helmets. That organization, it should be recalled, was created by a former British military intelligence officer and mercenary, James Le Mesurier, and was funded by the British government. It is the logistics and propaganda arm of the Al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, Jabhat Al-Nusra, which recently changed its name to Hai’at Tahrir Al-Sham.

Le Mesurier also served as vice president of Special Projects in the Olive Group, a Dubai-based subsidiary of the London-headquartered Olive Security, a private security firm heavily staffed and managed by former SAS personnel.

The false flag chemical weapons attack would have been planned just as the Syrian army was preparing for a major offensive in Idlib province, the last stronghold of the terrorist groups and their allied Syrian rebels. The Syrian government has reached out to these groups and villagers under their control in order to offer a peaceful settlement, similar to that which allowed the Syrian army to retake almost all areas in the southern province of Dara’a. Due to coordination between Moscow and Washington, the settlement process in the Dara’a was rather smooth and rapid. In Idlib, however, the die-hard extremists are terrorizing the other groups and the population to prevent them from reaching reconciliation with the government. And they are being backed by British and American factions to stage a provocation.

The airstrikes carried out in Syria last April by US, British and French forces came exactly at the time that the Syrian army was scoring major victories in the Eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus, and reconciliation was being mediated by the Russian army, just as it is now doing in the areas near Idlib.

American, British and French officials, including at the United Nations, have vociferously warned the Syria government against using chemical weapons in Idlib, as it would trigger military reprisals. However, there is no military reason for the Syrian armed forces to resort to such a move just as victory is near.

The fact that Gen. Konashenkov explicitly mentioned the role of British secret services in preparing the provocation caused a total freakout by UK ambassador to the UN Karen Pierce. It has been reported that UK and US armed forces have drawn up lists of potential targets to hit in Syria in the event the false flag chemical weapons attack is actually carried out.

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