Background: Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the LaRouche Case

For anyone who wishes to understand the real story of what is behind the “Russiagate” regime change operation in the U.S. today, an expose in the Sept. 29, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, is a “must read”. There, investigative journalist Barbara Boyd takes apart the cover story of Robert S. Mueller as “incorruptible” and fair-minded, revealing instead that he is a corrupt operative of the British-U.S. intelligence services known as the “Deep State.”

The article, titled “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job if You Let Him,” documents his career up to the role he plays today as the coordinator of the investigation against President Donald Trump. The story begins in 1982, when Mueller joined the staff of Anglophile U.S. Attorney William Weld in Boston, during the time of a new phase of attacks on American economist and then-Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

The British government had written a letter to the FBI in Aug. 1982, which remains classified to this day. But judging from an unclassified response from FBI counterintelligence chief James Nolan dated Sept. 24, 1982, the Brits were warning that Lyndon LaRouche was acting of behalf of the Soviet Union. Nolan wrote: “there is no direct evidence that the Soviets are directing or funding LaRouche or his organization. It is entirely plausible, however, that the Soviets have developed or may be developing sources [within LaRouche’s organization] who are in a position to interject Soviet-inspired views” into their activities. Further, he charges, they might be used to “promote Soviet foreign policy objectives.”

By 1984, U.S. Attorney Weld had opened a criminal investigation into LaRouche’s presidential campaign committees, and in 1986, he was replaced by Mueller. When the latter failed to get a conviction in Boston, the case was moved to Alexandria, Virginia, where LaRouche was eventually railroaded to prison. The prosecution there was aided by a steady stream of slander and lies run in the mainstream media, often attributed to “anonymous sources” or leaks from the prosecution, and backed up by a federal judge who was himself deeply involved in U.S. intelligence network activity.

What had been LaRouche’s actual offense, which led to his being targeted? The British were particularly upset, as shown in the attachments to their letter, thatEIR had organized a forum exposing the role of British intelligence in funding Islamic fundamentalism. But beyond that, LaRouche had been brought in by President Reagan, through the National Security Council, to negotiate with the Soviets his proposal for a joint deployment of anti-missile defense systems, based on application of “new physical principles”, with the science behind the systems to be shared with the Soviets, to end the danger of nuclear war. Had the Soviets agreed to this proposal, it would have meant the end of the imperial geopolitical system that controlled the actions of governments during the Cold War.



For the network of financiers and corporate elites which had imposed the sharp geopolitical divide of east and west after World War II, and for the neo-cons and war hawks they sponsored in the intelligence community (i.e., the Deep State), LaRouche’s proposal, which was fully backed by Reagan, was unacceptable.

Thus, Mueller was tasked with the job to get rid of LaRouche. The rest of Barbara Boyd’s dossier covers material better known to our readers, as we have reported repeatedly on Robert Mueller’s role in the coverup of the Saudi role in the 9/11 attacks, as well as his attempts to take down the Trump presidency today, on behalf of the Wall Street/deep state nexus.

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