A New Bretton Woods Agreement to Stop Financial Blowout

After the Nov. 6 mid-term elections in the United States, the LaRouche Political Action Committee launched a new initiative, called the Campaign To Secure the Future 2018-2020, to ensure a full-scale economic recovery in the United States, and thus defeat the still-ongoing coup by the machine known as the “deep state”. The fundamental platform remains the implementation of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery (see below).

However, the LaRouche PAC policy statement notes, there is an indispensable additional element, to add to those four laws. That is the need for an agreement between Russia, China, India, and the United States along with other major economic or strategic powers, for a New Bretton Woods System, to stabilize the world financial system and provide the basis for massive worldwide economic development. The statement continues:

“This will provide the absolutely necessary jump start for a crash economic program to rebuild the physical economy of the United States, free of globalist currency and other manipulations, while creating the conditions for a worldwide economic renaissance. It will ensure that the U.S. will launch necessary new and massive productive activities, such as building a complete new and modern infrastructure platform for the economy.

“At the same time, as a result of the bilateral and multilateral trade and treaty agreements between participating sovereign nation states, made possible by this new stable system of currencies, large amounts of long-term low interest credit can be issued worldwide for technologically progressive projects. This will allow for the full development of the entire planet Earth, near space, and the Moon, in joint ventures with other nation states, ending the twin scourges of poverty and colonialism, just as Franklin Roosevelt intended with his original, post-World War II Bretton Woods system.

“Conversely, the creation of a New Bretton Woods is urgent, as the present system is about to collapse. That is why the imperial globalists have begun putting forth their own versions of a new monetary system, the designs of which would keep them firmly in control of the world’s economies. Some of these incorporate the designs of Lord Keynes and his financial control mechanisms; others involve a new globalist institution totally dedicated to drastic reduction of the world’s population, through imposing anti-growth green technologies appropriate to feudalism.”

The Four Laws proposed by Lyndon LaRouche are: 1) re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall Act separating commercial from speculative banking and ending public bailouts of Wall Street gambling debts; 2) a new national bank or other credit issuing mechanism, capable of producing massive amounts of credit for long-term economic projects; 3) funding of only such projects through this national banking mechanism which will raise national productivity and create high-paying jobs in productive sectors of the economy and; 4) a crash program to develop fusion power, the energy source of the future, the energy flux density and power of which allows it to transform raw materials, power entire continents, and power space exploration and colonization.