Prominent American Citizens Demand Reinvestigation of Assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

On the occasion of this year’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 60 prominent American academics, lawyers, intellectuals, and researchers, including two of Robert F. Kennedy’s children, are calling on Congress to open new investigations into four assassinations of the 1960s – President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X – that had “a disastrous impact on the course of American history.”

The group, which calls itself a “Truth and Reconciliation Committee”, also proposes setting up an oversight capability for the release of all documents related to the Kennedy assassination and presidency. Although the JFK Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated such public transparency of the documents, that law “has been routinely defied by the CIA and other federal agencies.”

Written by Adam Walinsky, a former speechwriter and leading aide of Senator Robert Kennedy, the statement opens by saying:

“Four major political murders traumatized American life in the 1960s and cast a shadow over the country for decades thereafter. John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were each in their own unique way attempting to turn the United States away from war toward disarmament and peace, away from domestic violence and division toward civil amity and justice. Their killings were together a savage, concerted assault on American democracy and the tragic consequences of these assassinations still haunt our nation.”

Among the signers of the joint statement are Isaac Newton Farris, Jr., a nephew of Martin Luther King and past president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Rev. James M. Lawson, Jr., a close associate of Dr. King; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, children of Sen. Robert Kennedy; G. Robert Blakey, the chief counsel of the House Select Commitee on Assassinations, which determined in 1979 that the President John Kennedy had been the victim of a probable conspiracy; Dr. Robert McClelland, one of the surgeons at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas who tried to save President Kennedy’s life, and saw clear evidence that he had been struck by bullets from the front and the rear; Daniel Ellsberg, whose release of the Pentagon Papers exposed the lies behind the build-up of the Vietnam War, filmmaker Oliver Stone, etc.

Polls taken have repeatedly found that the majority of Americans do not swallow the official narratives of how, in each of the four cases, “lone assassins” carried out the killing. The call is particularly timely at this point, when the FBI and other agencies of the so-called “deep state” are deeply engaged in the attempt to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump.