Climate Change Gurus Indulge in More Scare-Mongering

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report on Oct. 8, which claims that to avoid terrifying consequences for the planet, global warming must absolutely be limited to 1.5 degrees C by the end of the century, compared to the pre-industrial levels. In other words, the Panel confirms its opinion that the Paris Climate Accord, which mandated keeping the temperature rise to below 2°, was not drastic enough.Hier   weiterlesen

Open Letter from Natalia Vitrenko to UN, OSCE, Euro Parliament: ‘Stop Terrorism and Repression in Ukraine!’

Natalia Vitrenko, Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, wrote a letter on Oct. 3 to leading international institutions demanding that the Ukrainian government investigate and otherwise be held accountable for violence and repression against the PSPU and other political groupings in Ukraine. Vitrenko is a tireless and courageous fighter against fascism in her country and internationally, and has frequently campaigned along with Helga Zepp-LaRouche in favor of a New Bretton Woods to replace the current bankrupt financial system. Vitrenko’s letter, addressed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Parliament, was written after the PSPU held its extraordinary 32nd Congress, whose delegates authorized her to issue the appeal on their behalf, in view of the elections upcoming in Ukraine in 2019, for both the Presidency and the Supreme Rada. The current regime is acting to make it impossible for the PSPU to run candidates.Hier   weiterlesen

Belt & Road Executive Group Launched in Stockholm

“If you want to get rich, build a road first!” With this ancient Chinese proverb, moderator Hussein Askary opened the 2nd China-Sweden Business Forum on Sept. 28, 2018 at the Grand Hotel Winter Garden in Stockholm. The event was hosted by China-Sweden Business Council (CSBC) and the newly created association called the Belt & Road Executive Group in Sweden (BRIX), around the theme of Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).Hier   weiterlesen

Schiller Institute Delegation in Syria Supports Reconstruction

Odile Mojon of the Schiller Institute in France and Ulf Sandmark, chairman of the Schiller Institute in Sweden, were in Syria from Sept. 5-12, where they witnessed the horrendous ravages of the war and attended the International Trade Fair in Damascus. In their discussions and in two live TV interviews with Sandmark on the two leading national stations, they denounced the threat of a U.S, British and French aggression in Syria, triggered by a “false flag” chemical weapons attack, and called for international efforts to help reconstruct the country.Hier   weiterlesen

Vladivostok and Vostok 2018: Growing Economic and Military Ties between Russia and China on Display

Two events in mid-September highlighted the growing strategic collaboration between Russia and China. First, Russia held the largest military maneuvers since 1981 at the height of the Cold War, with first-ever full participation by the Peoples Liberation Army, and then at the same time Russia hosted the fourth annual Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, which showcased the growing economic ties between Russia and China.Hier   weiterlesen

African Leaders Debunk the Narrative of China’s “Debt Diplomacy”

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which took place in Beijing Sept. 3-4, was critical for advancing the “new paradigm” of cooperation as opposed to geopolitics. Western mainstream media hardly reported on the event, other than to hypocritcally complain that China is strapping African countries with debt they will never be able to repay, i.e., the so-called “debt trap”.Hier   weiterlesen

British Intelligence Reportedly Plots False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

British intelligence and their assets on site, such as the White Helmets, are accused of preparing a chemical weapons attack in Idlib, which would be falsely presented as an “atrocity” by the Syrian government, thus warranting a counter-attack by the U.S., France, and Britain and leading to a dangerous escalation of tensions with Russia. Russian officials have repeatedly warned against such an operation, and provided precise information about it to the relevant government authorities and international institutions.Hier   weiterlesen